Did you think is just about flights and booking your vacation? If you did then you may want to keep on reading. also has an online bingo room in which you can play several very popular online bingo games as well as casino games.  Like all online bingo room where you will win real money, you need to log on and register. Once you have registered then a host of bingo and other games will be available to you. Bingo is coupled with St. Minver for the software they provide for their quality and secure games. The company has been online since early 2000.  Let’s look at a few of your options below.


  • With you have several bingo games offerred, and the usual 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo.

  • To play bingo you need to either head into the Bingo Cafe or the Bingo Lounge. In these two locations are the bingo games that Bingo offers to bingo fans. If you are not quite ready to get into the play mode, there is a "more info" section to help you learn about the games and how to play.

  • All progressive jackpots that Bingo provides are mentioned at the top of the screen, so you can see live how high the jackpot is progressing as well as what you need to do to win one progressive jackpot or the other. You can win these jackpots with just a bingo card that costs as low as 10p. 

  • At bingo you can expect to find some new games added as well. These games like their predecessors are going to have information on how to play them and all bonus options available.

Prices of the Cards 

The prices of the cards range from as little as 1p up to 10p.

Promotions, bonuses and offers

  • It is not just enough to be a part of a community where you chat with friends and make a little money.  With the promotions section you get more winnings for doing small things.

  • You can get double your first deposit up to £125. This means when you make a deposit of £125 bingo will give you £125 for FREE. 

  • There is also the chance to win a free xbox and many other great prizes qhen you play real money.

  • You can earn up to 10 loyalty points for every £1 you spend. These loyalty points can redeemed for great prizes or cash. You simply redeem the bonus points when you have accumulated enough.

Customer Service 

The customer service department prides itself on being available and helpful in answering your questions via telephone or email.

Play online bingo at Bingo

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