Colourful, full of fun, and of course winning a lot of money is what marks Castle Bingo as an online bingo room to be visited absolutely by bingo games lovers. And if you just like to play more than bingo, video poker, slot machines and many other games are also available, Castle Bingo is going to have it all.

Items that you will discover on Castle Bingo include the games, timetables, promotions, community, loyalty points, and even bingo alerts.  Castle Bingo is part of Castle Leisure who has had bingo halls open since 1865.  They were one of the first in the 1990’s to open online bingo sites such as Castle Bingo. They are partnered with St. Minver for the software programmes. 

The Games!

In this section we are going to look at a few of the hundred or so games offered onCastle Bingo.  You have the Bingo Cafe to explain the various bingo tickets that you can purchase. Next you have games like Plum Royal.  Plum Royal is a slot machine with five reels and 20 pay lines. The cheese symbol is a substitute that will gain more winnings. It is definitely a fruity game with plenty of hidden bonuses. The graphics alone will keep you entertained.


The timetable explains when you can expect to find the bingo games available. For example the Giant Jackpot (a progressive jackpot that goes up and up until it is won...) can be won between noon and midnight on Castle Bingo. They offer the drawings late at night so that you are home from work and able to attend the fun. Other games will have the same hours with little breaks thrown in. 

Prices of the Cards

The price of the cards will change from game to game.  Some of the cards will be as little as 1p and up to £1. Giant Jackpot bingo is only 10p per card. 

Promotional and Special Offerings

If the games and the times they are available is not enough, we have also found promotions that are available to new and continuing customers.  The first promotion on the docket is winning a new laptop.  In this case you just have to register online at Castle Bingo and sign up for the drawing.  If your name is drawn you will be notified and the winnings will be distributed.

If you are looking for a new deck of playing cards as well as having fun online then this next promotion may be of interest.  There are some other welcome bonuses offered with different casinos that can be better, but a free deck of cards with a deposit of 10 pounds is nothing to laugh at.

Customer Service

The customer service department has an international telephone number or email.  They can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Play online bingo at Castle Bingo

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